Why and how? I’m giving away a free hosting service.

The Why?

We all know that decent hosting for your website can be pricey, especially for platforms with advanced caching technologies like varnish, Redis, Advanced WAF service and etc, and it could easily cost you around 10-20$ / month just for a shared hosting account, not to mention that you’ll also need to buy a domain which would set you back 2-13$ more.

Sooo Pricey! I know right?

So, I’ve launched this free hosting service with the goal of providing resources to aspiring developers. I’ve been there and I know the struggle of getting your first website up on the web, and this is me giving a helping hand.

The How?

Cool so how do we get in?

It’s easy! Simply follow the instructions to create your free account here.

How am I doing this?

You may be wondering, How the heck, am I offering something so expensive for free? As you’ve already noticed, this website has adsense enabled which helps to lessen “not cover” the cost of the servers I am using for free hosting, plus we have people in the community who pledged to donate and keep this service free.

All that we ask is for you to participate and be active in our web community and help us grow, in order for us to reach out to more people in our field and give them a helping hand and share our resources.

Extra Content

In-case you are someone willing to help as well, Let’s talk and don’t forget to join the community.

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